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October 30, 2013

Net Medical Xpress Announces WebRTC Telemedicine Apps

Net Medical Xpress, a medical telemetry manufacturer, has announced a new WebRTC telemedicine conference tool.

“We're bringing telemedicine to the iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac. Doctors will have instant face-to-face communications with their patients or others for more precise diagnosis and patient care,” Net Medical CEO Dick Govatski said. “Ultimately calls will be interfaced with Net Medical's XR-EXpress technology for home telemedicine services. It's the modern version of the house call that will work well for patients and enable doctors to provide better care to more patients, an important issue in modern medicine."

WebRTC is an open standard for video and audio conferencing through Web browsers without the need for proprietary programs like Skype. Both the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome support it.

 With Net Medical’s new tools, patients can get in touch with doctors from wherever they happen to be, whether on a PC or a mobile device.

Net Medical released two pieces of software, RTC Switch IOS and the Linux-based RTC Switch Enterprise. RTC Switch IOS is available Apple’s App Store, while Net Medical will give accredited medical users a password for RTC Switch Enterprise.

RTC Switch Enterprise, which will be beta-tested through December, will include precise audit controls and public/private key encryption to comply with HIPAA requirements. It also includes the company’s Safety Pilot software.

The Enterprise package is already available for ER and ICU usage and with Net Medical’s existing telemedicine cart.

"Our rollout is just beginning. We'll have a good deal more to say about this in the coming months," Govatski said.

The Albuquerque, N.M. company recently acquired the Huntsville, Ala.-based medical staffing company MedTel Solutions with the transaction closing in July. Net Medical cited MedTel’s leadership in the telemedicine field as a reason for the acquisition, saying that it gained over 250 trained doctors.

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Edited by Ryan Sartor
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