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David Delony is a Bay Area expatriate living in Ashland, Oregon. He combines his lifelong love of both words and technology in his career as a freelance writer. David holds a B.A. in communication from California State University, East Bay.

Latest Articles

03/14/2016 GENBAND Wins Stevie Award for Customer Service
03/09/2016 GENBAND Partners with Zift Solutions to Combine Marketing, Real-Time Communications
03/03/2016 Twilio Allows Developers to Create Videoconferencing Apps that Connect Web, iOS Devices
02/23/2016 TelmedIQ Delivers Secure Mobile Medical Communication to Capital Region Medical Center
11/30/2015 Turkcell Beefs up BiP Mobile Messaging with Voice, Video Calls
11/04/2015 Tech Revolutionizing Automotive Care Industry
10/29/2015 Sococo Connects Remote Employees with Virtual Office
10/20/2015 Video Call Center App Allows for Video Call-In Shows Across Platforms
10/20/2015 Video Call Center App Allows for Video Call-In Shows Across Platforms
10/15/2015 Gruveo Revamps Embedded WebRTC Interface
10/05/2015 Dialogic Announces PowerMedia XMS 3.0 Server
10/01/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: 3CX Announces Partnership with Fusion
10/01/2015 Video Game Helps Reduce Radiation Exposure Risk
09/16/2015 Carriers Hampered by Legacy Technologies
09/02/2015 Radisys vMRF Wins TMC 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award
08/28/2015 Moasis Unveils Location-based Advertising Tool
08/24/2015 Frozen Mountain Adds Screen Sharing to IceLink
08/11/2015 Deutsche Telekom Launches Messaging App in Albania
08/10/2015 Ericsson Proposes Connected Digger for Suez Canal Project
07/30/2015 Wind River Virtualizes the Internet of Things
07/24/2015 GENBAND Showing Off Smart Office
07/15/2015 TokBox, Deloitte Report Highlights Ways Videoconferencing is Transforming Business
06/18/2015 Vyopta vAnalytics Monitors Video Calls in Real Time
06/08/2015 Incentive Introduces Spring 2015 Collaboration Platform
05/19/2015 Radisys, WIT Software Offer RCS, WebRTC Solution for Carriers
05/15/2015 ConteXtream Sponsors GENBAND Perspectives15 Summit, Participates in Panel
05/14/2015 NetSapiens Shows Off WebRTC Features in Miami
05/07/2015 Dubai Silicon Oasis to Build Efficient Irrigation System
05/06/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Integrated Research Acquires IQ Services for $1.5 Million
05/05/2015 FireRTC Expands Beta Program
04/28/2015 Japan Communications Inc. Licenses Imagination's ClearCall
04/17/2015 PointNurse, Swarm Fund to Build Telehealth Distributed Collaborative Organization
04/15/2015 NetFortris Introduces Cloud UC Platform
04/06/2015 Livegenic Speeds Insurance Claims Processing with Live Mobile Video
03/18/2015 Temasys Appoints Two New Execs
02/17/2015 Apical Releases Results of Smartphone Survey
02/04/2015 Tech Mahindra Joins GENBAND's Kandy Partner Ecosystem
01/28/2015 Polycom Announces Video Conferencing Enhancements
01/21/2015 NTT-AT, Telestax Sign Distribution Deal
01/19/2015 Mozilla Patches Security Flaws
01/08/2015 Avaya, Google Offer WebRTC-based Communication Solution on Chromebooks
12/08/2014 Digi-Me Nets Oracle Gold Partner Status
12/03/2014 LogMeIn Partners with Lionbridge for Real-Time Translation in Boldchat
11/13/2014 Amaryllo CamPro FHD Nets CES Best of Innovation Award
11/11/2014 Mobile Services Main Form of Communication in Africa
10/28/2014 Microsoft Makes Move to Support WebRTC in Internet Explorer
10/18/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Velocify, Bit6, VideoMost
10/13/2014 Nudg Releases WebRTC-based Video Chat Web App
10/11/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Phonedeck, Alcatel-Lucent, Google
10/04/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Talky, Oracle, Ericsson
09/27/2014 WebRTC Week in Review: Still an Emerging Technology
09/26/2014 ConnectWise Launches ChatAssist
09/12/2014 Esna, Maeven Wave Team Up to Offer Google Cloud Real Time Communication
08/28/2014 TMC, Systemwide Media, PKE Consulting to Recognize WebRTC Companies with Business Transformation and Impact Awards at WebRTC Conference
08/22/2014 RHUB Communications Introduces TurboMeeting 5.1
08/07/2014 Comverse Acquires Solaiemes to Boost Service Offerings
07/10/2014 WebRTC Conference Organizers Name Joe Burton WebRTC Pioneer
06/19/2014 Temasys Launches Skyway WebRTC Platform
05/21/2014 InTouch Health Announces FDA-Approved Remote Stethoscope App
05/15/2014 Weemo Offers Video Conferencing for Zimbra
03/19/2014 GENBAND Picks mPortal's SPRINGBOARD Comms for Next-gen UC
02/25/2014 Acision Introduces Fuze, An RCS Suite that Supports WebRTC
12/11/2013 Business Benefits of Next-Gen Communications
12/02/2013 Google Takes Chrome Users to Middle-earth
11/19/2013 Ingate Systems Says SIP Trunking Still Hot, but WebRTC Warming Up
11/08/2013 Has Google Created the Betamax of RTC?
10/30/2013 Net Medical Xpress Announces WebRTC Telemedicine Apps
10/02/2013 WebRTC Has Proven Itself, More Advanced Apps Needed
09/10/2013 Will WebRTC Replace SIP? Probably Not
08/21/2013 Brother Launches OmniJoin Browser-based Video Conferencing App
06/26/2013 Bistri Chooses 3scale to Manage WebRTC API
03/21/2013 Zingaya Turns to Bandwidth to Support 'Click-to-Call' Service
02/20/2013 Wmode Launches Enterprise Platform 2.1 for BlackBerry 10


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