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October 31, 2013

Lindenbaum Enables Conference Calls via WebRTC

Conference calls can be a great tool for collaboration and productivity. There are times, though, when just getting ON the call can cause a headache by itself; there are PINs, URLs, passwords and more numbers, when all you want to do is connect as quickly and easily as possible. Lindenbaum, a provider of carrier-grade audio and Web conference solutions, recently introduced an easier way to join conference calls through a browser with WebRTC.

Many companies today use VoIP for business communications, including conference calls. Wainhouse Research estimates that more than one-third of all access into conference calls in 2012 was through mobile phones or VoIP endpoints. Most of the time, these conference calls involve having an IP phone and VoIP connection and dialing numbers. With Lindenbaum’s update, all users have to do is open a browser (Chrome or Firefox). The beauty of WebRTC is simplicity – there are no downloads required or plugins to install. Just open, click and communicate.

WebRTC also offers an interactive, quality online experience. It has the potential to transform conference calls into collaboration calls.

WebRTC is still in its early stages, though. Cisco just announced it is open sourcing H.264, while Google is rooting for VP8 with its Hangouts implementations. There are still standards to be developed and discussed, so the user experience will improve over time.

For now, however, early adopters like Lindenbaum are definitely making room for WebRTC. The Lindenbaum conferencing systems offer easy integration for VoIP systems and existing user interfaces of conferencing systems. As an alternative, it also offers a Flash player for communicating over browsers.

You can demo the new Lindenabum WebRTC experience here.

There will be more discussion about business communications over the browser using WebRTC at the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, happening Nov. 19-21 in Santa Clara, CA, including sessions: “Business Intro to WebRTC,” “Setting Up a WebRTC Deployment,” “Is Your Business Ready for WebRTC?” and “Is WebRTC Secure Enough for Business?”

Want to learn more about the latest in WebRTC? Be sure to attend WebRTC Conference & Expo, Nov. 19-21 in Santa Clara, CA. Stay in touch with everything happening at WebRTC Conference & Expo. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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