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November 19, 2013

Temasys To Bring WebRTC Skyway To YuuZoo E-Commerce Social Networks

Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) is a technology very much on the move, and it's moving just a little farther thanks to a recent agreement between Temasys Communications and YuuZoo Corporation that will bring WebRTC to a whole new platform of social networks. The use of WebRTC in this particular platform will mean a lot of added value for both YuuZoo and its users.

The agreement between Temasys and Singapore-based YuuZoo means that Temasys will bring in its WebRTC Skyway system—a client devoted to visual communications and a comprehensive WEbRTC infrastructure—that will allow the various YuuZoo properties to bring in the ability to stage video conversations without leaving the YuuZoo platform. That opens up the capability to a wide array of users, as the YuuZoo platform boasts as many as 37 million users across 164 different countries, allowing Temasys to really get its product out in front of as many people as possible.

But it's not just about video chatting in social networks that also happen to be enabled for e-commerce purposes; the use of Temasys' WebRTC Skyway on YuuZoo is also set to allow for complete events streaming into individual rooms. Both companies are looking forward to getting this new system into place, with Temasys' CEO Bill Lewis calling it a means to “transform how social media is used for visual communications” and “a tremendous opportunity for both companies.” YuuZoo's chairman and CEO, Thomas Zilliacus, called the WebRTC Skyway system “an exciting and interesting solution to complement our e-commerce enabled targeted social networks” that will offer a chance to “improve the user experience on the YuuZoo platform.”

Indeed, WebRTC in general has posed just such an opportunity for its users for some time now, allowing for communications so easy that all that's really needed is a sufficient Web browser, a decent quantity of bandwidth, and a few peripherals to allow for transmission, some of which are even built right into some computers. But it's the expansion of WebRTC that's really making the business community sit up and take notice, as WebRTC is finding itself an important part of just about everything, from websites to advertising to even email and beyond. The ability to click one link to make contact with someone else via a Web browser has huge potential in terms of customer service and marketing initiatives, so seeing YuuZoo put a breed of WebRTC that brings voice and video chatting directly to the social network level is at once a brilliant and obvious idea, one that Temasys initiated with the company. It's simply too good an idea to not put into play, and it's going to mean many new opportunities for YuuZoo and its user base.

WebRTC in general is making gains like this across the spectrum, and it's really only a matter of time until this technology starts cropping up in other places for similar purposes.

“Temasys and YuuZoo are leading in how WebRTC makes communications a part of other applications and activities,” said Phil Edholm from PKE Consulting. “As WebRTC transforms communications, more and more communications events will be through sites like YuuZoo that are not communications sites but other applications and capabilities with communications as an additional capability.  With over 37 million users, YuuZoo opens a large new group to WebRTC.”

Bill Lewis will be speaking in a panel session at this week’s WebRTC Conference & Expo, “Business Impact and Directions Roundtable,” and Alex Gouaillard, CTO, will be speaking in a session panel, “Using the Data Channel for More than File Sharing.” The company is a Diamond sponsor of the event and will be exhibiting at booth #308.


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