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December 03, 2013

Assemblage's Same.io Uses WebRTC to Make Screen Sharing Easy

Assemblage recently launched the beta version of the Same.io application, a screen sharing app for the Web. In order to set itself apart from the other applications and services already in the market, Assemblage is throwing some verbal haymakers, while showing off what its application can do in comparison.

The company compared competitors like GoToMeeting as being dinosaurs in the field. That kind of talk might show consumers the company is looking to compete, but whether it can back up the big braggadocio is another matter. Same.io is the third application release from Assemblage, a Danish startup that first released Kollaborate.io, originally titled Canvasdropr. Presentation.io was launched in February of this year.

All of these applications, including Same.io, share the company’s philosophy that there should not be an application to install. Assemblage says that there should be no plugins or downloads because those kinds of requirements slow down users and stop them from participating in the online collaboration. Same.io doesn’t have the requirements that some of the bigger and older solutions carry.

WebRTC makes it possible for the solution to share a user’s entire desktop with anyone they want.  This is a major change from what WebEx and GoToMeeting offers and it is why customers do seem to be choosing the upstart over the dinosaur when they see what Same.io can do. The fact that the application works without plugins that need to be carefully tailored or downloads you have to wait for only makes it that much more attractive. Thanks to its WebRTC functionality, the application can pull off voice calling, video chat and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. By sharing the entire desktop, you can have a real meeting in real-time, getting more accomplished over the Web. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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