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December 18, 2013

BrowseTel Aims to be Complete WebRTC-based Business Solution

With the most recent WebRTC Conference & Expo now nearly a month behind us, it seems like a good time to sift through the flurry of activity that took place over the three days the event ran and put focus on individual presenters. In particular, let’s take a look at BrowseTel, a cloud service provider and platinum sponsor of the conference that demonstrated the ins and outs of its WebRTC cloud communication suite.

BrowesTel says it believes that WebRTC is the “technology of the future” and this belief really shines through when examining the company’s platform. At the center of this platform is WebPhone, an HTML5-based offering that brings a complete telephony experience to the browser, enabling both inbound and outbound calls for free from a single interaction point. This includes the ability to place Web-to-Web calls as well as calls to landline phones.

Signing up for an account offers access to multiple interaction points that are connected with call supplementary services with further contact center and call functionality also available.

Being a more business-focused offering, BrowseTel’s platform also offers the ability to add different call buttons and functionality to websites, script integration, and even the ability to make calls straight from a QR code. Other elements of its WebRTC ecosystem include virtual receptionist, international phone numbers and conference rooms.

In other words, BrowseTel aims to be a complete WebRTC-based business solution and it succeeds in doing so. Indeed, at the WebRTC Conference & Expo, the BrowseTel team emphasized this point in its demonstration before explaining that its platform offers multiple types of interaction points and capabilities aside from WebPhone, including fax to e-mail, chat and instant messaging.

If that wasn’t enough, the company even introduced both voice and video calling for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, via WebRTC of course. Now that’s a complete WebRTC platform.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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