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December 18, 2013

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS Media Server Has Many Conferencing, Contact Center Uses

Dialogic offers products that increase the reliability of network connections, improve applications and increase capacity of networks. In fact, 48 of the top 50 mobile operators and some 3,000 app developers use Dialogic solutions.

Also, in connection with the emerging field of WebRTC, the Tech America Foundation recently honored Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS media server. PowerMedia XMS won the 2013 American Technology Award in Telecommunications for its innovation and impact.

PowerMedia XMS is a next-generation software media server that provides standards-based, real-time multimedia communication for mobile and broadband, the company explained.

Last month, it was demonstrated at the WebRTC Conference & Expo held in Santa Clara, Calif. It can be used in contact centers for such options as call analysis, speech recognition and text to speech, company officials said. In addition, company reps demonstrated in a well-attended session PowerMedia XMS’ power for developers, and how it can be used in conferencing. Videos and movies were inserted in a tile. It was used for conference recording, and then the recording was replayed. The number of tiles was easily changed. It provided extensive flexibility in the way it handles video, too. Captioning and scrolling captions along the bottom of a tile are another option.


PowerMedia XMS can be used with IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), IMS-like architecture, and 4G LTE networks, too. It turns smartphones and tablets into audio and video endpoints for calling and conferencing applications, including for WebRTC. With PowerMedia XMS 2.1, network operators and app developers also can support WebRTC.

Some of its options are: audio/video play and record, content streaming, inbound and outbound session/call control, multimedia conference mixing, transcoding, transrating, transizing of video streams, and other functions used in communications. 

PowerMedia XMS also can be used to build multimedia processing solutions, such as: interactive voice response, notification systems, video conferencing and voice messaging.

“PowerMedia XMS 2.1 is Dialogic’s answer for collaborating with WebRTC’s game-changing approach to rich communication service delivery,” Andrew Goldberg, senior vice president of marketing and strategy at Dialogic, said in a recent statement. “Service providers and application developers will be able to quickly monetize opportunities with WebRTC, as PowerMedia XMS 2.1 will allow them to save time on building multimedia processing and connectivity solutions.” 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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