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December 23, 2013

EasyRTC and Tawk.com Have Come a Long Way in a Short Amount of Time

Priologic has been something of a superstar in the WebRTC space for about a year now, especially if you’re talking awards. The company attended three WebRTC Conference & Expos to date, winning awards for either of its WebRTC solutions — EasyRTC and Tawk.com — each time. At the most recent conference in November, the company won the ‘Easiest to Apply’ award for its impressive demo, which featured both EasyRTC and Tawk.com.

EasyRTC is a full-stack, open-source WebRTC toolkit meant for building highly secure enterprise WebRTC applications. In other words, it’s a complete bundle of apps, code, snippets, client libraries and server components all designed to work together right out of the box. However, as Priologic’s Doug Pelton pointed out in the company’s WebRTC Conference & Expo demo, EasyRTC is different from other “kitchen sink” WebRTC offerings.

In particular, EasyRTC comes with a lot of feature source code and a WebRTC community that’s currently more than 3,000 servers strong. Most importantly, the offering is an on-premises offering, where many competing platforms are instead opting for a hosted delivery approach.

The most impressive part of the demo, though, was the “one-minute install” portion, which managed to top the previous year’s five-minute installation.

The demo also spared some time to focus on Tawk.com, of course, which is Priologic’s free browser-based video chat service that puts an emphasis on security as its primary differentiator from other such offerings. In the demo, the Priologic team opted to show off a Tawk.com embedded into a website, as well as a mobile demonstration.

Overall, it was an impressive showing for the company, especially since Tawk.com and EasyRTC are roughly six and 12 months old, respectively. In the case of EasyRTC especially — which a year ago was, in Pelton’s words, “just a glimmer of a product” — the growth is stunning. If Priologic keeps this up, the next WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta will definitely be one to remember.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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