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December 24, 2013

vLine Enables Easy, Seamless Video Communication Over a Browser

When vLine CEO Ben Strong mounted the stage in November at the 2013 WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., his demo seemed quick because there wasn’t much to show. Video over vLine just worked.

Strong visited vLine.com, copied a URL on the front page of the site, and sent the link by way of instant message to a colleague elsewhere in the building. From that they were able to connect over video conference quickly and easily.


Nothing hard. Nothing complex. Simple, easy video conferencing by way of a Web page. Even our grandmothers would have been able to follow the presentation.

“This one was my favorite because it was so easy to use,” blogged editor Rachel Ramsey during the show. “Just visit vLine’s website, www.vline.com, and click for a conferencing link. You can share that link with others through social media or email, and can be video chatting within seconds.”

Webrtcworld’s group editorial director, Erik Linask, was similarly impressed.

“The connection was easy enough, but the real magic in the demo was the simple ability for Rachel (yes, trying it out again) to send me a link to join a video chat with her after initiating it with at most two steps,” he live blogged during the demo. “Pretty simple.”

The vLine technology also captivated the judges at the show; vLine was one of three judges’ choice winners selected at the conference.

The company runs a full-stack WebRTC platform. It has a set of applications for the browser, iOS and Android that are customizable for service providers. It also has a rich set of APIs for developers, and a global infrastructure for messaging, signaling, relay and conferencing.

The link that users grab from the company’s site can be used over again, and its persistence makes it easy to integrate with websites, to include in email signature files, and for events organized long in the future. It can support multiple attendees using the conference at the same time, and it is completely free.

Perhaps due to its global infrastructure, the company also stated on its website that it can handle global chatting without the delays that normal beset such connections.

“If you haven’t guessed, the ‘V’ in vLine is for video,” noted Strong during the demo. “We’re all about the video.”

Yes you are, vLine.

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