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February 03, 2014


The biannual ITEXPO was held in Miami this year, and has now come to a close. Workshops discussed several business technology topics and products, including VoIP phone systems, IT management, and more. One of the hottest topics discussed at this year's convention had to do with a revolutionary concept for video-conferencing, WebRTC. WebRTC is expected to make a big splash in simplifying how businesses communicate over video.

WebRTC is a browser-based communications technology that allows users to transmit audio and video data with ease. One particularly strong feature of WebRTC is the fact that it acts as a converter between nearly all types of video and audio formats, acting as a bridge between companies with incompatible formats. On top of that, it's free to use, and browser-based functionality means that users won't have to download special software for their video conferencing.

As with any new business or communications technology, there are differing opinions about the future of WebRTC, and both were heard at ITEXPO 2014. Some question the security of the program, fearful that universal browser-based translation of all video formats leaves a back door open for hackers to get access to private company networks, or even directly listen in to a private video call.

Others feel that WebRTC provides an opportunity for companies to save money on communications by not using expensive video-conferencing software that only really does one task. Switching which video clients a company uses may be disruptive to the overall workflow for a few days, but many believe that this lost time and productivity will be made up in future time and money saved.

One topic that has garnered interest at previous ITEXPOs was the proposition of a merger between WebRTC and M2M technology. Standing at the advent of the “Internet of Things” where most common devices and appliances have Internet access, one of the best ways to take advantage of that connection would be with convenient video conferencing. 

There was a lot of news last week happening at the Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion, collocated with ITEXPO, which included Priologic's new version of Tawk.com, Sansay receieving a patent for its WebSBC and GENBAND announced its SMART OFFICE 2.0 and Generation Enterprise framework. There was aslo a panel session at ITEXPO about the role of SBCs in the enterprise, which covered the hype and future of WebRTC. 

The next WebRTC event is happening in Atlanta from June 17-19 at the WebRTC Conference & Expo. The next ITEXPO is in Las Vegas from August 11-14. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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