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Matt Paulson is a technical writer and graduate of San Diego State University. His articles are focused on new technology and trends and has extensive knowledge about VoIP phone systems. In his free time, Matt enjoys art, video games, and spending time with his friends.

Latest Articles

11/01/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: New Opportunities in a Growing Market
10/31/2014 Report: WebRTC Services Will See Two Billion+ Users by 2019
10/11/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review: Coming to a Browser Near You
10/04/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review: The Future of Video Communication
09/15/2014 Fuze Delivers Real-Time Video Communications to Improve Office Collaboration
09/12/2014 911 Texting is Crucial, yet Slow and Under-Deployed
09/08/2014 GENBAND to Showcase New Simply Mobile Framework at Upcoming Industry Event
08/14/2014 Cloud PBX and Unified Communication Services to Become a $12 Bilion Market by 2018
08/06/2014 PanTerra Networks Upgrades SmartBox Cloud File-Sharing Service with Mobile Support
07/05/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
06/28/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
06/21/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
06/20/2014 TokBox's WebRTC Voice and Video Platform Upgrades Services
06/10/2014 GENBAND Uncovers the Key to PSTN to IP Transition Through Reduced Power Consumption
06/03/2014 Mozilla Firefox Introducing In-Browser VoIP and WebRTC Calling
05/21/2014 Avizia Releases Clinical Assistant 300 as New Telemedicine Solution
05/16/2014 Interoute One Bridge Unifies Video, Voice Conferencing from Any Device with WebRTC
05/02/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Joins Hatchbrands Ventures Portfolio, a Subsidiary of iBrands
04/24/2014 The Future of WebRTC Will Use ORCA Protocol in Two Formats
03/21/2014 Independent Testing Confirms that United Office's TCN 3.0 is an Excellent VoIP Router
03/19/2014 Acano Expands WebRTC Video Calling Platform to More Browsers
02/12/2014 VoipSwitch Adds WebRTC-compatible Upgrades to New Mobile Dialers
02/12/2014 Flashphoner Releases Inexpensive Software for WebRTC-SIP Gateway
02/07/2014 Allows For Private Information Exchange on Disposable Web Pages
02/03/2014 ITEXPO's WebRTC Recap
01/30/2014 Is WebRTC Safe From Security Threats?
01/24/2014 'Ultra HD' TVs to Use New Video Formats With Higher Quality and Lower File Sizes
01/22/2014 Remote Workforces are Flexible and Productive, but Require Rigid Communication
01/16/2014 WebRTC Makes Video Conference Centers a Reality
01/09/2014 Is 2014 the Year for WebRTC Video Conferencing?


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