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February 11, 2014

WebRTC Among tyntec's Top Mobile and Telco Predictions

Many people don’t believe the hype surrounding WebRTC. They say that’s all it is – hype – and won’t live up to its expectations or predictions (more than 6.2 billion WebRTC devices by 2018). I think the number of companies and industry analysts that have seen firsthand the increase in WebRTC-enabled products, standards and solution would beg to differ. One of those groups is Cisco, which lists WebRTC among its top technology predictions of the year. Another organization is tyntec, a global mobile messaging operator and cloud communications provider, which believes WebRTC will be one of the hottest topics of 2014.

The company forecasts that 2014 will be the year of stronger mobile-to-mobile communication offerings, and operators will have to adapt to standards and technologies like WebRTC and VoLTE. It says operators will need to embrace new technology like WebRTC to create future monetization models.

WebRTC enables real-time communications over the browser – a feature that tyntec thinks will be one of the biggest draws of the technology and that will foster innovation in communication.

“Because it will emerge as a standardized functionality for all browsers, the process for web developers to include OTT voice and video will become super simplified. WebRTC will act as an accelerant, speeding up the OTT ecosystem and put mounting pressure on the GSMA's RCS standard,” the company said in a statement.

In addition, tyntec expects to see new innovations in mobile messaging and links between phone numbers and online accounts, VoLTE adoption and SMS-based two-factor authentication to protect against hackers.

The company will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

"Mobile World Congress is the place to discuss and discover latest trends in the mobile industry and I have high expectations for lively discussions at the show. One hot topic will be WebRTC which will extend potential-for-growth to both OTT players and operators, while creating extra opportunity for operators to evolve. 2014 is a challenging year with the introduction of new EU roaming regulations that will bring OTTs and operators into further competing situations, causing more layoffs and consolidation for operators," said Thorsten Trapp, co-founder and CTO of tyntec. "I'm confident there will be a tremendous focus on One-Time Passwords as a mechanism to authenticate user identity and there will be a massive adoption from all types of businesses and Internet companies this year."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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