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February 12, 2014

Weemo Powers MediSprout Telehealth Platform

Technology has already changed the way so many industries and people communicate and operate. Businesses today exist because of technology that wasn’t even invented 10 years ago. One industry that can especially benefit from different innovations and products in technology is healthcare, and in particular, by the growth of telehealth solutions. The telehealth market is expected to grow from $240 million in 2013 to $1.9 billion in 2018, and the key to the success of telehealth is quality video.

Weemo is a provider of a WebRTC platform that makes it easy to add real-time video into any app on any browser, device or network. Users can embed one-click video collaboration tools into applications to fulfill the demand for real-time video collaboration.

MediSprout is a company that was formed from the inefficiencies of medical communication. It provides a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to enable communication between healthcare providers and patients, and it relies on Weemo to provide the video connection. 

“It was at times frustrating to hear patients explain how they had to take their day off for a ten-minute appointment that was solely based on verbal and visual interaction. It was a misuse of their valuable time,” said Samant Virk, founder and CEO of MediSprout, in a statement.

The growth in telehealth solutions is to improve on outdated practices like healthcare communication. Many patients and providers alike agree some meetings, like follow-up appointments, would be easier, more efficient and less time-consuming if they were conducted online. So, MediSprout was born to help make that happen.

“We first looked at Weemo because their platform leverages the WebRTC open-source project. We played around with Weemo’s APIs and mobile SDKs and found the integration process quick and straightforward.” said Randy Findley, founder and CTO of MediSprout. “We needed to implement a video chat feature that our users could access from any browser and any device, something Weemo’s platform offers.”

One major factor that sets healthcare apart from other industries looking to implement WebRTC or video technology is HIPAA compliance. The benefit of turning to WebRTC is it’s easy to ensure compliance if a website is HIPAA-compliant. Since WebRTC is already built in to browsers, it can allow companies that provide secure and compliant unified communications services to do so at a relatively low cost to a variety of endpoints. 

“Video is a critical element for every telehealth solution,” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO of Weemo. “We built our HIPAA compliant WebRTC platform to guarantee high-quality video while committing on the availability of our service. By choosing Weemo, MediSprout can focus on delivering the best experience to their customers while removing the costs associated with managing real-time video capabilities.” 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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