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February 25, 2014

Acision Introduces Fuze, An RCS Suite that Supports WebRTC

Acision, a provider of mobile messaging, has introduced Fuze, a rich communication application that the company says is the first to support WebRTC.

“With Fuze we're bringing the true meaning of 'anywhere, anytime' communication to reality by offering the richest user experience with fully integrated WebRTC,” Acision CEO Adolfo Hernandez said.  “Back-ended with Acision Fusion, Fuze is a world first for the industry, as it incorporates all the functionality of OTT clients on the market today but with the added extras that end-users, operators and enterprises are looking for.”

Fuze includes voice, video, text and of course, WebRTC. WebRTC allows users to initiate real-time audio and video chats with anyone, regardless of what kind of hardware and software they actually have. The latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers support it.

Users can have up to two simultaneous chats over its iOS and Android apps using a split screen and can also sign up for RSS and channels from brands and other content providers. In addition, they can share content with each other using a drag-and-drop feature. If the connection isn’t good enough for videoconferencing, Fuze can drop back to SMS messages, as mobile connectivity can still be spotty.

Acision offers Fuze as a “white label” service to telcos, who will then be able to customize the service with their own branding and features to differentiate themselves from their competitors and keep their users from other services like Skype. An API will allow developers to build custom applications using Fuze.

Since RCS is in theory supposed to support every kind of communication, adding WebRTC is an obvious next step.

The move should help Acision itself differentiate itself from its competitors, at least until they also support WebRTC. With the way the technology is gaining acceptance, this looks inevitable.

"In the new age of the consumer, operators have suffered from a lack of agility when compared to other OTT providers, and have been looking for the answer that will enable them to launch a superior service which meets users' growing demands and helps them lead the rich communication charge. Fuze not only provides them with an opportunity to leverage their huge user base, but gives them the most advanced client solution, as well as a channel to communicate with customers and generate additional revenue in a very challenging industry environment," JF Sullivan, EVP of product management and CMO at Acision said.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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