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February 27, 2014

Lindenbaum Expands WebRTC VoIP Client

Conference calls will always be a part of business communication. What’s changing is the methodology and technology used to make conference calls more feature-rich, flexible, easy to use and seamless. It’s no surprise that everything we do is shifting to the Web – IP communications has already been making great strides into business communication systems and revolutionizing the way these organizations and users communicate. The future is also online, and takes this shift in communications to the next level, by eliminating the barrier to download anything in order to communicate. Users will be able to communicate in real-time just by using their browsers.

Lindenbaum is a provider of conference bridges, software and systems for service providers and enterprises. Its IP-based conferencing services offer flexibility and ease of use to make conferencing a seamless part of business communications.

The company is expanding its WebRTC VoIP client – now, Android users can dial into conferences through WebRTC.

With the Lindenbaum conferencing system, users can dial in to a call using WebRTC, Flash VoIP client, SIP client or standard PSTN and all be on the same call. 

Image via Lindenbaum

Using the Lindenbaum VoiP clients based on WebRTC and Flash, all users have to do is open a browser to access the conference.

WebRTC is currently supported in three browsers: Chrome version 32 and up, Opera version 19 and up and Firefox version 26 and up. Based on HTML5 and JavaScript APIs, WebRTC brings real-time communication functionality to the browser.

WebRTC makes telephony via a browser possible without plugins or any downloads. Users can also opt to use a VoIP client based on Flash, which is a browser plugin and a long-time alternative to WebRTC, which is still in early development.

This isn’t the first move to integrating WebRTC in Android platforms: TokBox brought its WebRTC platform to native Android apps late in 2013 as well as Weemo with its WebRTC-powered video chat solution. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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