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March 05, 2014

Magor Enhances Aerus Service Delivery Platform with WebRTC

Magor Corporation, a developer of visual collaboration software, is bringing greater reach and service options to users of its Aerus Service Delivery Platform (SDP) by way of some key developments. In particular, the platform now supports a desktop visual collaboration client for Windows and features three new Aerus OnDemand Services: Aerus Invite, Aerus OnScene and Aerus WebCollab.

Aerus Invite is a personalized virtual meeting room service offering, while OnScene is a vertical solution for public safety applications. However, it’s with Aerus WebCollab that things really start to get interesting, as the offering is a WebRTC-based, webinar-style collaboration service, bringing WebRTC to the Aerus SDP for the first time.

More companies have been making this move lately. For example, mobile messaging provider Acision recently introduced a new rich communication application that also supports WebRTC. Meanwhile, conferencing company Voxeet recently started using WebRTC to power 3DHD audio conferencing.

Aerus WebCollab, meanwhile, is a flexible WebRTC-based service that allows up to 25 participants to securely attend an Aerus session with audio and/or video. Of course, being based on the WebRTC standard means the offering can be used via any supported browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Magor says WebCollab is ideal for holding training sessions, distance education, attending lectures, conducting sessions with traveling employees, and delivering remote sales presentations.

"Our ongoing strategy with Aerus is to elevate the use of video interactions to support new collaborative teamwork that goes far beyond the current video conferencing approach," said Ken Davison, chief marketing officer for Magor Corporation, in a statement. "Today, we push further in this direction by extending our visual collaboration experience to the desktop, delivering a new standard for video interactions on multi-purpose PCs for Windows."

As for Aerus Invite, the virtual meeting room service offers greater personalization with multi-point video sessions offering user-centric customization options, while Aerus OnScene is a set of services focused on public safety to enable intelligence-led policing.

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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