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March 06, 2014

Six WebRTC Video Calling Solutions Ready to Use Right Now From Your Browser

WebRTC promises real-time communications from the browser – no downloads, no plugins necessary. There are many companies working to deliver on that promise, but some are more accessible than others. There are WebRTC companies that provide the technology, software and APIs for clients to integrate WebRTC in their websites, while others offer instant access to WebRTC functionality and enable users to join and share a video conference in just seconds.

Videoconferencing is set to increase among businesses and outpace regular audio conference calls over the next few years. Low cost, easy access and the elimination of usual conference call challenges (such as figuring out who’s talking, trying to interact with distracted attendees and losing connections) are all some of the top reasons video conferencing is becoming so popular among business users. As WebRTC grows, users and providers are realizing the benefits of putting video conferences on browsers.  

Here are six companies enabling super easy video calling from your browser right now. With all of these, I was able to get a video conference up and running in about a minute with an easy way to share and invite others.


The company enables video conversations with up to eight people for free. Users can create customizable conference room names (appear.in/_____) and easily share, lock or claim the room. There is also chat functionality, giving users another means of communication within the conference. 


“Just click go.” “Copy. Paste. Video Chat.” vLine makes video calling on a browser as easy as possible. 


Once you sign up for an account, joining a conference is as easy as sharing a link. Users can also share files with contacts and chat. Bistri becomes a centralized hub for your communications. 


True to its name, joining a conference with GoInstant is easy and fast (see: instant). Just fill out your name and you will be brought to an online conference room, where you can chat via messaging or video, and there is an invite link to send to others to join.

GetOnSIP (OnSip)

After signing up for an OnSIP account, users are brought to a conference room, where they can either directly call another SIP user address or share a link for people to instantly join in on the conference from their Web browser. 


Although it may take you two clicks if you have to create a new account, 1Click enables users to quickly join in on browser-based video calls. They can either join a scheduled meeting if they know the name of an existing conference room, or schedule a new meeting and create a new room. There is also chat functionality, the ability to record videos and calls, and you can email an invite or just copy the URL of the room to share. 

Many of these companies showed off their solutions at our WebRTC Conference & Expo events in demos. There are plenty of other WebRTC companies out there, and some have demos available of their products, but I didn’t include those in this list. These are all companies with solutions ready to rock and roll right from their homepage.

Do you use any of these for video conferences? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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