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March 07, 2014

GoInstant Cracks the Code When it Comes to WebRTC

While there are a number of big advantages of WebRTC, there are some areas where the technology has fallen short in the past. One of those areas has been when talking about doing an audio or video chat with someone you work with from inside a solution like Salesforce. It appears that GoInstant’s new WebRTC integration will now fill in that small but important gap.

GoInstant, which has been a successful backend-as-a-service provider for a number of years, has just launched an integration between its core API and WebRTC programming that will make it easy to set up WebRTC chats in almost any solution you would like to use. In a nutshell, GoInstant has released a workaround so that certain WebRTC applications work out of the box now, when this kind of interoperation was something that required quite a bit of work by developers in the past.

WebRTC is only gaining popularity over the years and there are plenty of reasons why companies should find ways to use the technology on as many platforms as possible. VisualForce has taken some steps to make sure that GoInstant works well inside the application in a way that is easy to incorporate and those steps have also made it pretty easy for other companies to imitate so they can use WebRTC in their own applications.

There are even a few online tutorials that will show just how quick and easy installing WebRTC into a variety of applications can be using the process that GoInstant has perfected. Salesforce is just one of the first steps when it comes to showing off the power of WebRTC when it is rolled out correctly. Salesforce might be one of the first applications of this ilk to get its own kind of WebRTC integrations but there are bound to be a ton of different solutions that will be taking advantage of integration coding like this in the near future.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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