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March 19, 2014

Acano Expands WebRTC Video Calling Platform to More Browsers

The Acano, a video calling platform, has expanded WebRTC capabilities with the announcement that it’s extended the availability of its calling system. Acano previously enabled users of Google’s Chrome browser to conduct simple browser-based video conferences, but now that service has been expanded to include several popular Internet browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

WebRTC is hailed as the next step in video conferencing because it allows callers to conduct a call entirely from a web browser, with no need to download special software. Because callers don’t need to install anything to initiate a video call, there are also no issues with callers having incompatible video conferencing software or hardware. Acano makes video conferencing simple and easy by relieving callers of any of these worries, while also providing a simple web link for every call. By simply copy-and-pasting the unique link into the browser’s URL bar, any chrome user could connect to the video call.

Today, all of that got better with Acano officially announcing that it WebRTC client now supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, in addition to Chrome. These browsers are used by 97.5 percent of all web users, meaning that Acano is now accessible by almost anyone. Tablets, laptops and several other mobile devices all support these browsers, making mobile video conferences as simple as clicking on a link.

According to Wainhouse Research co-founder Andrew W. Davis, “[this] is a dramatic step forward for the industry. WebRTC and other browser-based technologies hold high promise for bringing customers, suppliers and employees together. Acano is empowering over 90 percent of people to have a visible voice in the conversation by simply clicking a web link.” Indeed, this expanded availability is likely to increase public interest and familiarity with video conferencing, which will see increased use both at home and in the office.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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