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March 28, 2014

CafeX Offers Power of WebRTC for Effective Customer Interaction

We’re just starting to see how powerful WebRTC is when it comes to customer interaction. Businesses are getting the idea that customers are looking for newer, more up-to-date ways to stay in contact while customers are more interested in using their mobile phones and Web interactions to get the answers they need. Amazon’s Mayday button might represent the best example of how WebRTC can work, but it is certainly not the only instance of a business leveraging WebRTC to improve its customer experience.

At ITEXPO Miami this year, WebRTC was a big topic of discussion amongst attendees. The Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion was the hub of everything WebRTC, and some of the biggest players in this space came out to share their expertise, knowledge and offer demonstrations on how this technology can work for both the consumer and the enterprise.

Sajeel Hussain of CafeX too some time out of the busy show schedule to discuss WebRTC with Webrtcworld. Hussain noted that contact centers are losing relevance in the enterprise, mostly because they are still using old systems to offer customer interaction. WebRTC offers the ability to contact agents by their preferred means directly from the browser at any time, and in turn the customer experience is substantially improved.

Hussain has said that CafeX is “the secure onramp that bridges the gap between the Internet and consumer world to the SIP-enabled enterprise world.”

CafeX is a spin-off of Thrupoint Inc.’s Fusion collaboration software business and in delivering leading-edge customer experience management solutions that extend enterprises’ existing contact center and communications systems to new channels and use cases.

How is CafeX making its mark in WebRTC for consumers and the enterprise? Watch the exclusive interview from this year’s ITEXPO Miami:

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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