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September 25, 2013

CafeX Communications Bridges the Gap Between Customer Experience and Enterprise

While WebRTC – real-time communications over a Web browser – has fueled a lot of discussion about the opportunity and growth of business communications, WebRTC also plays a big role in the customer experience. Enabling customers to communicate in real-time with businesses and contact center agents introduces a new level of customer service in today’s digital age.

Thrupoint Inc. is basically split up into two main categories: one part of the business offers legacy services for businesses, and one part of the business offers products built on from its April 2010 acquisition of Ubiquity Software Corporation assets. It took that second part, which featured its Fusion portfolio, and created its own spinoff company -- CafeX Communications. CafeX Communications delivers customer experience management solutions that extend enterprises’ existing contact center and communications systems to new channels and use cases.

I caught up with Sajeel Hussain, VP of product management and marketing at CafeX Communications, who shared insight into the launch of CafeX Communications and the future of WebRTC and the customer experience.

Hussain explained that customer experience management is at the core of CafeX Communications. It was developed based on a growing need from customers and a market opportunity to provide compelling, innovative products on the customer experience management front, especially in regard to WebRTC and integrating with contact centers.

He explained that CafeX extends existing customer contact center capabilities to new endpoints – beyond the walls of the enterprise – in a secure fashion. He likes to refer to CafeX as the secure onramp that bridges the gap between the Internet and consumer world to the SIP-enabled enterprise world. It focuses on the entire customer lifecycle and not just on providing service but how an enterprise can interact with customers. Its goal is to make this experience easier and more intuitive for customers.

In addition to offering mobile B2X collaboration solutions, user context relay to contact center and visual IVR for smartphones, CafeX has two solutions solely dedicated to WebRTC and customer experience: WebRTC for enterprises and Cisco Jabber to WebRTC Integration.

CafeX’s WebRTC solutions provide the signaling interworking, media transcoding and developer toolkits needed to connect a communications network with Web-based collaboration experience. CafeX Fusion Client SDK provides APIs that enable Web developers to rapidly build communication-enabled business applications in as little as 20 lines of code using native iOS, JavaScript and soon Android platforms. It enables calls between Web or mobile applications and traditional enterprise devices via a WebRTC to SIP gateway called the Fusion Web Gateway and Fusion Media Broker.

Thrupoint also offers software developer kits so programmers can build WebRTC applications that turn tablets into unified communications portals.

Image via CafeX

It also integrated its Web Gateway and Client SDK with Cisco Jabber to enable users to conduct video calls and share presence and instant messaging information between a WebRTC-enabled browser and Cisco Jabber. Cisco UPS and UCM work alongside the Fusion Media Broker during transcoding of VP8 to H.264.

Thrupoint is a platinum sponsor of WebRTC Conference and Expo, taking place Nov. 19-21 in Santa Clara, CA, where the company will also be keynoting on the impact of WebRTC and the customer relationship, and exhibiting at booth #303. The event provides networking, exhibiting and discussion opportunities related to business impacts of WebRTC and different areas of focus, such as standards, challenges, HTML5 and WebRTC, advanced techniques and development tools. Visit www.webrtcwold.com/conference to learn more.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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