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April 16, 2014

What's the Next WebRTC Killer App?

Last night I attended a WebRTC Meetup featuring a presentation from developer Lisa Larson-Kelley, and one message in particular seemed to capture the audience’s attention: WebRTC’s potential.

There are more than one billion endpoints supporting WebRTC today, from phones to tablets and computers, and everyone seems to be waiting for the “killer” WebRTC app – the app that really showcases its true potential, disruptiveness and value.

Larson-Kelley’s presentation went into a lot of detail of the fundamentals of WebRTC, including what the structure of a WebRTC API looks like, different approaches for deploying WebRTC and the role of signaling servers in developing WebRTC solutions.

At the end of her presentation, Larson reemphasized WebRTC’s potential. Those one billion endpoints? They’re expected to grow to 6.2 billion by 2018. Everything from financial services to healthcare to insurance to contact centers to education and social networking has the ability to benefit from WebRTC.

But what will be the killer app? We’ve seen some innovative use cases and heard about ideas about what the future holds. Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy to determine the groundbreaking and disruptive technological innovations of our lifetime – the Internet and the smartphone are the most obvious that have completely taken over our lives. But did everyone see those coming? Do we know what to expect for the future of WebRTC, or the Skype killer?

According to Larson-Kelley, the killer WebRTC app is “not a Skype killer. It will be completely different. Something like Amazon Mayday -- something that is integrated into our daily lives. The killer WebRTC app will make something super easy that wasn’t easy before. It will make real-time communications seamless. That’s really the power of this. It really can be integrated, and can communicate with so many different devices…sending data…that you couldn’t do before. Something that makes life easier.”

So there you have it, developers! We’re looking for a way to integrate WebRTC that will enable seamless communications, enhance productivity/efficiency and it needs to be beyond just a replacement for Skype. 

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Edited by Alisen Downey
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