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April 17, 2014

Voice4Net WebRTC Solutions Lay Foundation for Dayton Telecom Network Upgrade

Whether you are a major retailer, a local small business or a municipal organization, the importance of customer service remains the same. No matter where customers are looking for support, they expect real-time features and easy access to agents who already know who they are and what they’re looking for.

Earlier this year, WebRTC World caught up with Rick McFarland, CEO of Voice4Net, a provider of customer interaction and voice communications solutions, who explained the impact of WebRTC on the contact center and the company’s new products. In news supporting that vision, Voice4Net’s WebRTC-based customer interactions solution will be implemented in the City of Dayton as part of the city’s movement to upgrade its telecommunications network. 

Voice4Net joins partners Mitel and Fulton Communications in the city’s project. The City of Dayton serves more than 1,450 users and will add IVR and automatic speech recognition capabilities to its system so city operators can better serve callers.

“We’re very pleased that the City of Dayton is relying on our WebRTC-based technology as a foundation to provide advanced customer interaction solutions to a key portion of its communications framework,” said McFarland in a statement. “The new system illustrates exactly how WebRTC can be used to deliver a unified, intelligent customer service solution that addresses demanding, real-world business environments. We believe that once other organizations see how Dayton benefits from the ease and flexibility of this technology, the interest in WebRTC as a technology will only escalate.”

Voice4Net’s new suite of WebRTC-based contact center solutions, Voice4Net RTC Framework, includes a new desktop client featuring a customizable, widget-based interface. The benefit of this type of system enables users to design their own contact center interface quickly and easily. Some reasons McFarland says real-time communications benefits contact center users is because of rich user experiences and Web interfaces, cost-effectiveness, speed-to-market and they don’t have to download anything, including proprietary software

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Edited by Alisen Downey


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