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May 01, 2014

Cisco, Jive Software to Drive Real-time Collaboration

When you think about most of the technology that has impacted enterprises, it has made its way into our lives because of how it improves collaboration. Email, phones, video conferencing systems, BYOD programs and unified communications solutions increase our access to coworkers and partners, our communication capabilities and our ability to view, edit and share documents and data quickly and securely.

Cisco’s real-time technologies like WebEx and Jabber have made their way into enterprise communications and collaboration, and Cisco recently redesigned WebEx to work on Chromebooks natively in the browser without downloads. Cisco is now working with Jive Software to offer a fully integrated real-time communication and collaboration solution for companies’ employees, end users and partners.

Jive solutions will now be sold as an integrated part of Cisco’s collaboration solutions as well as resold through the company’s partner network. Jive offers social business software for today’s businesses across multiple areas, including IT, marketing, customer service, sales and government. It also offers Wildfire and Spark, which are two open-source projects for enterprise instant messaging (EIM), presence, and XMPP-based (also known as Jabber) communications. XMPP is an open standard for presence and real-time messaging.

"We still live in a business world where we have a separation of communications activities and the collaboration activities to accomplish work," said Jens Meggers, PhD and vice president of Cisco's Cloud Collaboration Technology Group, in a statement.  "Now, with Cisco + Jive, you have two first-class offerings coming together to provide a powerful integrated experience."

Whether enterprises are looking for a solution for employees to communicate and collaborate, customer communities to foster and broaden support, or partners to drive business outcomes; the integration with Jive and Cisco offers a unified solution to meet those needs.

"Cisco is one of the most well-respected companies on the planet, with hundreds of thousands of companies leveraging their real-time communication and collaboration offerings," said Tony Zingale, CEO and chairman of Jive Software. "Together, we can bring Jive's industry-leading collaboration platform to these customers, and help drive even deeper and more productive business outcomes across their employees, customers and partners."

WebRTC is the next step in improving enterprise communication and collaboration. As more companies look to improve the way employees work, they will be looking for more seamless, integrated solutions that offer access and data in real-time. This will happen with WebRTC, and it will meet customers where they already are – in their browsers and mobile applications.  

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


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