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May 27, 2014

Videxio Upgrades Service for Microsoft Lync Users

Microsoft Lync customers who use Videxio will have more productivity features thanks to recent updates. Regardless of location, device or platform, Lync users will be able to collaborate in a more flexible environment. The long-term effect of Videxio’s update may be profound than a simple upgrade, however.

Norway-based Videxio offers video as an online service and makes a compelling argument for choosing it as a video provider. Companies that want to handle their own video conferencing have to spend lots of money on servers and build a network infrastructure to handle the massive ensuing flow of data.

Since complex hardware configs rarely work the first time, there will be considerable time and aggravation spent tweaking an installation to get it running. The whole process repeats itself when the installation becomes outdated and needs to be replaced.

These are the usual arguments for moving to the cloud, but why all the fuss behind Videxio? It represents another closed sector of the economy that has been opened up.

Printed news publishing was an exclusive operation in the past. Only companies that could afford printing equipment capable of printing thousands of newspapers and the distribution system of vehicles needed to get them out to readers could be publishers.

Today, anyone can effectively become a news publisher by creating a simple website. No need for millions of dollars in printing presses and delivery trucks; all that is needed is a computing device and a connection.

Similar advances have happened in other areas. eBay has made it possible for anyone to effectively become a retail store owner without having a brick-and-mortar facility. Podcast technology allows anyone to become a radio broadcaster.

At first glance, Videxio’s upgrade for Lync seems to be nothing more than an added convenience to users of that platform, but that’s short-sighted. The greater potential lies in the same breaking down of walls that Web publishing, eBay and podcasting accomplished. Companies can effectively replace television networks with technology that Videxio offers. Both live and recorded video can be produced without the costs of installing and maintaining hardware.

While technology has opened up many closed systems to the public, there are side effects. A lot of blogs aren’t worth reading just as not all YouTube videos become viral hits. This supports the adage that content is king. While it may be possible for anyone to produce content, getting an audience to read or watch is another matter. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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