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June 09, 2014

IceWarp to Bring IceWarp Mail for Cisco to WebRTC Conference & Expo IV

One of the biggest new things in technology these days is the growth of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC).  A steadily growing array of new platforms and services built around this innovative new technology is in turn driving plenty of interest, and joining the field is IceWarp. IceWarp will be bringing one of its newest offerings, IceWarp mail for Cisco, to the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, where it will join a host of others showing off such products and seeking to make connections in the industry.

IceWarp mail for Cisco, at last report, is a refined version of IceWarp Messaging Server, which in turn uses WebRTC to provide users with easy access to voice communications from inside several different apps. Intended to replace Microsoft Exchange, IceWarp mail for Cisco could be found in Cisco Unified Presence, Cisco Unity Connection, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager tool and in Cisco Business Edition 6000, a collaboration solution recently brought forth. Naturally, such a development comes with a variety of features in its own right, offering up several breeds of contact aside from voice communication like email and instant messaging. Moreover, there are protective features like anti-spam and anti-virus tools, as well as additional productivity tools like built-in groupware and mobile device synchronization.

Bringing IceWarp mail for Cisco into play, meanwhile, is said to be a matter of minutes, with IceWarp head of development Antonin Prukl noting it takes “...less than 30 minutes to be fully operational.” The company also has plans to bring out a training and certification program in a bid to make the whole thing as easy to work with as possible. A free 30 day trial of IceWarp, for either Windows or Linux, is currently available for download via IceWarp's website, and perhaps best of all, reports suggest that IceWarp mail for Cisco is actually much lower in cost than Microsoft Exchange.

Those interested in seeing IceWarp mail for Cisco, meanwhile, need only attend WebRTC Conference & Expo IV, running June 17 – 19 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia. IceWarp, a silver sponsor of the event, can be found at booth #119, and will be running a presentation and demonstration at said booth at 3:30 PM eastern, June 19.

While some will likely look at IceWarp mail for Cisco and wonder why it's necessary to fix something that really isn't broken, the array of features that IceWarp is offering should make those who doubt its utility think twice. Even if that doesn't necessarily tip the scales into dropping Microsoft Exchange alone, considering that all these extra features are delivered for an overall lower cost and suddenly the value proposition goes through the ceiling. Add on the value that WebRTC can deliver, and the whole thing becomes perfectly clear; IceWarp mail for Cisco is the kind of thing that's going to get quite a few second looks, and maybe even some third ones.

Some will likely carry on with Microsoft Exchange, of course; it's familiar, and already in place, and that's a prospect that's hard to change for more than a few. But for those willing to strike off in a different direction and try a little something new, the end result should be quite welcome for its users.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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