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June 16, 2014

WebRTC Reaches Critical Mass with Engagements

Many companies today are searching for ways to make life easier for their customers, and they’re finding them, thanks to combinations of processes and new technologies. When it comes to customers, what they want is to be able to contact a company easily and quickly, and get the right answer. And since many of these customer journeys start on the Web, technologies such as WebRTC (“Real-time Communications”) are the starting points for customer experience excellence and ease.

WebRTC is an open standard that allows developers to embed real-time multimedia communications into different Web browsers, allowing for a variety of new and more trouble-free Web-based service methods. Before WebRTC, no standards existed and developers had to rely on more cumbersome methods of enabling interactive communications in a browser environment. Customers were obliged to download plug-ins such as Adobe Flash or other solutions, making it more difficult for customers.

Some of the leaders in the WebRTC environment are reporting significant traction. Networking company Dialogic Inc. recently announced that it has reached more than 90 WebRTC engagements among telcos, enterprises, contact centers, cloud and Web companies, and public institutions. Some of these clients are tier-one network service providers and others are enterprises, and their usage of WebRTC technology includes video conferencing, interworking and recording. At the same time, Dialogic announced that its PowerMedia XMS WebRTC ecosystem is expanding and now has more than a dozen partners serving major markets such as telemedicine, financial services, enterprise collaboration and mobile communications.

Digging deeper into Dialogic’s data, about 74 percent of the WebRTC engagements the company is reporting have a communications service provider (CSP) focus or relate in some way to communications service, indicating that WebRTC offers enormous opportunity to change the way companies communicate, both among themselves and with customers. Video telephony was the leading application among the engagements. More and more companies are choosing to add video as an element to their long-distance communications, closing the gap inherent in long-distance working between offices, and personalizing the relationship with customers further.

"In the past year, we have seen a tremendous increase in interest for WebRTC and growing traction for our server-side media processing solutions," said Kevin Cook, president and CEO of Dialogic, in a statement. "As WebRTC matures beyond an interesting technology to a business-useful one, our PowerMedia XMS media server is providing sophisticated, production-ready applications and services from the doctor's office to financial trading floors."

Many companies today have a shallow grasp of WebRTC. They know it can help their businesses, but they’re not sure how. WebRTC CONFERENCE & EXPO, happening this week at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia, was designed for precisely this reason. It’s the longest running global WebRTC ecosystem event, and it brings together technology and solutions providers from all over the world. During the event, Dialogic’s CEO Kevin Cook will deliver a luncheon keynote tomorrow Tuesday, June 17 at 12:40 pm EDT. For more information or to register, visit http://www.webrtcworld.com/conference/east/

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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