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August 22, 2014

RHUB Communications Introduces TurboMeeting 5.1

RHUB Communications has announced the release version 5.1 of its TurboMeeting real-time communications software.

Most of the new improvements have been geared to improve audio. It can support up to 3,000 people in a conference at one and is targeted at uses including internal meetings, presentations and remote support.

“These new benefits of TurboMeeting are far reaching, providing a multi-functional capability that allows enterprise workgroups to quickly host internal meetings with co-workers, both locally and globally,” said RHUB CEO Larry Dorie. “Now with all of the new 5.1 features, we are giving users a richer virtual experience that will further enhance their productivity and work performance, and that will help enterprises to yield more output in a very cost effective way.”

The new version has integrated VoIP audio conferencing without the need for the user to have a headset. Presenters can also stream audio from their computers, as well as video, including PowerPoint presentations, as long as the bandwidth is high enough. RHUB recommends a connection of four megabits per second or greater when streaming video.

In addition, the new version can integrate with PBX and PSTN networks, to bring in even more people to these conferences from outside an organization.

RHUB also offers paid integrated audio conferencing, with the ability to use either toll numbers or toll-free numbers in 28 countries.

The company has also made an iOS app available that allows users to join a conference as well as control PCs and Macs.

While videoconferencing is becoming a mainstream business technology thanks to easier and cheaper solutions like TurboMeeting, it might seem strange that the company is focusing on audio at first. But the sound is just as important as the picture, because even the best video quality in a conferencing system is useless if the participants can’t hear each other. That’s why Hollywood puts as much, if not more, effort into how a movie sounds in addition to how it looks.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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