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September 05, 2014

CafeX Looks to the Future with Innovative Solutions

CaféX, a provider of real-time engagement solutions for mobile and Web platforms, is looking toward the future.

In a recent interview, Sajeel Hussain, vice president of marketing and partner development at the company, identified some promising new areas for the firm.

Even though the company has been focused on enterprise customers, there is great potential with the small- to medium-sized business market. “There is a vast untapped market on the SMB front,” Hussain told TMC’s Erik Linask during ITEXPO in Las Vegas. Their approach will take advantage of the SMB’s interest in using the cloud. 

Traditionally, CaféX has been a provider of real-time solutions for desktop, smartphone and tablet applications. Enterprises have used these solutions to improve conversion rates among customers. Customers will see a more “personalized experience” with these solutions, the company said. Others can benefit, too, such as in-house personnel and business partners. They can use mobile collaboration solutions, which are operated by Web real-time communication (RTC) toolkits. Developers can light up mobile apps and web pages with annotation, co-browsing, and in-app video, too.

Also, there is integration with enterprise communication systems and endpoints. Data is consolidated across channels, as well.

Among CaféX solutions that are getting attention are Fusion Live Assist and Fusion Palettes. Fusion Live Assist connects customers to enterprise and contact center staff through websites or mobile apps. It provides such useful features as single-click voice, video call initiation, screen sharing, co-browsing, document push, and annotation.

“The Fusion Live Assist platform enables the addition of live video interaction between customers and service professionals with the addition of just two lines of code in a mobile app or website,” Hussain has told TMC. “This simple integration can be implemented in the cloud or by an enterprise, and can quickly deliver a highly effective customer engagement environment – and live video interaction has been proven to have a positive influence on Net Promoter Scores (NPS).”

In fact, the company wants to make it so simple that a child can even put in the two lines of code, Hussain said during the ITEXPO interview.

Also, Fusion Palettes provides information about the customer. This may include profiles, browsing activity and geo-locations.

The company also has been promoting its value added features. Examples are switching between channels. That means a customer who initiates a web or SMS chat with one agent can also have an in-app voice or video call with a second agent. The second agent can view a log of the chat session, and real-time details on the customer.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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