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September 26, 2014

ConnectWise Launches ChatAssist

ConnectWise announced that it has made available its new ChatAssist chat and remote control product.

“ConnectWise is committed to innovation and discovering new ways to help our partners succeed, which is why we are so excited to unveil ChatAssist," said Arnie Bellini, CEO of ConnectWise. "We truly believe this product is unlike anything else on the market with its ability to transform how quickly and effectively our partners can service their customers. We are confident that this unprecedented ability to automate service level agreements will be a real game-changer."

The ChatAssist program lets customer service representatives participate in multiple chats. They can also start chats on existing tickets or use the information they get in text chats to start new ones. All of these features can increase the productivity of customer service workers.

ChatAssist also automatically logs chat sessions, including the time taken to complete them, which can help in meeting service level agreements (SLAs). It also integrates with ConnectWise’s business management platform.

Solutions like ChatAssist are becoming more important as customer service moves outside of the traditional phone support channels. Lots of websites offer users the ability to start text chats with representatives. While they might seem annoying at first, these chats are often a more immediate alternative to waiting on hold for a phone operator to become available. More and more people, especially younger people, are more comfortable holding conversations by text rather than by voice on their phones.

ConnectWise can see this sea change coming.

"At ConnectWise we are already using ChatAssist internally to handle over fifty percent of the support tickets currently created on a daily basis," said Earl Provin, director of partner support services, ConnectWise. "It allows our Support Colleagues to assist partners quickly, making phone support a secondary thought. It's an amazingly powerful tool."

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