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April 04, 2016

San Diego Padres' Real Time Communications System a Grand Slam

Sports and real time communications tools have been increasingly spotted together as stadiums start including the systems to improve the overall fan experience. The San Diego Padres recently came out with such a move, bringing in Mitel to bring a complete end-to-end real time communications system for Petco Park.

The Mitel solution connects several branches of the Padres' operations all at once, including remote training locations and scouts, as well as the headquarters operations. This allows users to quickly connect to one another, regardless of physical location, and that improves overall operations with better communication. It's not just about the Padres' internal operations; the communications system is also geared toward making a connection directly to the fan base, giving season ticket holders a dedicated service representative that can be contacted directly through the contact center.

Since the Padres are slated to host the 2016 MLB All-Star game—and Petco Park itself is used for functions other than Padres games—the Padres also needed a means to better unify communications to address higher demand, a service Mitel could also deliver. Mitel brought in its MiCollab system for greater productivity and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, giving Mitel not only a better internal experience but also a better external one.

Mitel Cloud Services' executive vice president and general manager Jon Brinton commented “Progressive organizations like the San Diego Padres recognize there’s a strategic advantage to speeding and simplifying communications and collaboration for all of their employees. As consumers’ interactions become increasingly mobile and the demand for an even more seamless experience grows, real-time communications capabilities are also key to better serving millennial-oriented fans. Mitel’s cloud-based solutions can enhance the way businesses serve their customers and give them immediate access to advanced collaboration tools designed to boost staff productivity.”

Mitel's success so far on this front—at last report, over two million cloud communications users turn to Mitel every day—makes it clear why the Padres tapped it for new communications. While it may not be quite as compelling as a system that allows fans to place snack and drink orders directly from their seats for easy pickup later, it does work to smooth some rough spots and make for better time savings. Saving time in little operations can add up, and that means whole new features can be developed and put in play without having to demand more at the gate. That adds up to a better fan experience, and one that keeps fans coming back to Petco Park.

From better communication with season ticket holders to a better internal communications system, Mitel is delivering plenty of value to the Padres. That gives the Padres a real advantage in holding onto the fan base, and ensures that a day at the ballpark won't be called out outright.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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