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April 18, 2016

SmartShow Taps WebRTC for its New Remote Real Estate Showing System

Anyone who's recently shopped for a new home—or just had a look around to see what else was out there—has likely turned to the Internet for a look at homes in their area. The series of still pictures available with such displays can be helpful, but often only so much. Some, like SmartShow, are stepping things up a bit with the use of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) to give users a lot more capability in checking out potential properties for sale.

With SmartShow, users can not only effectively follow a realtor through a home show, but can also ask questions during the tour, and do essentially the same things that could be done by being physically in the room and following the realtor around. This also allows realtors to save time and money by coordinating just one showing for everyone using the SmartShow system, as opposed to scheduling several separate showings.

Better yet, while the SmartShow system is geared toward tablets and smartphones, it will soon be usable with the Vuzix M300 SmartGlasses system, set for release in the second half of 2016. SmartGlasses won't be required for the app, but those who do use SmartGlasses will get an extra level of immersion. Users can even get a video of the completed showing to go, and thus can refer to the video if there are any points forgotten down the line.

The SmartShow system is currently available on a 90-day free trial basis, and from there, both individual showings at $19.99 per showing or subscription showing options at $99 per month per user are on hand. There's even a discount for those who use teams of three or more users.

More information is generally better when making a major purchase. While this doesn't really help in every case—only a live showing, for example, can tell a potential buyer about any unusual odors in the house—it's going to do quite a bit better than a series of pictures or even a straight video showing. Being able to use WebRTC's ability to transmit multiple forms of media at once, from text to voice and video, allows for a much truer-to-life simulation. That level of detail is almost as good as being on the premises, and realtors don't need to engage in so many potentially fruitless showings to get anywhere.

SmartShow represents a clear value to both realtor and real estate buyer. Being able to see properties without leaving one's house means more can be seen in the same time, and users get the best possible look at a potential property. Providing that look for less expense helps the realtor, and should make SmartShow a smart buy for many realty firms.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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