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April 28, 2016

Intelecom Updates Contact Center With WebRTC Calling

Intelecom, a developer of contact center software for enterprises, recently announced that it has updated its cloud-based contact center to support WebRTC-based softphones.

This development was created to allow contact centers to become more resilient while also providing agents with a sense of empowerment over their work environments. Børge Astrup, the managing director of Intelecom’s Contact Centre Division, commented on that intention and role that the new initiatives play in the development of company software.

“We constantly tap into far-sighted initiatives like WebRTC,” Astrup began.

“They enable us to drive innovation across our solutions portfolio and meet the increasing demand for real-time communications in customer service,” he continued. “It gives our clients a set of flexible, integrated tools that are designed to build resilience into their contact center operations and empower agents to deliver consistently high levels of personalized customer service at all times.”

Year after year, it seems, industry analysts find that the WebRTC market will continue to grow. The latest report from TechNavio in the link above expects that the market could reach $3 billion in revenue by 2020.

Support from companies such as Intelecom also aid the notion that the market is far from finishing its growth spurt. Although Web-based communications may still be in its infancy, it holds a lot of potential for customer relations. Softphone support in contact center applications comes as just one of many features available within these types of setups. The Intelecom development, in particular, will allow agents to use software on their desktops to receive and complete calls. Furthermore, agents will be able to move calls to mobile devices or desk phones in case a problem occurs with a desktop’s Internet connection.

The integration of WebRTC acts as the headliner in the latest version of this cloud-based contact center, but it does not stand alone. A number of other features have also arrived to assist managers and their agents. First, Web chat support has led to the new Chat Survey feature, which allows customers the option of lending their opinions in the same chat environment where they just completed a support call.

Intelecom has also added support for a direct link to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so agents can save the time they used to spend switching between each application. New apps for agents also allow individual employees to use the Intelecom mobile app to take calls, and the new single sign-on feature gives all clients the ability to access the contact center once signed on to a secure company network.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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