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July 28, 2016

Comings and Goings: Temasys Makes Roster Moves Before Real Time Web Solutions Event

Few companies can go long without making at least some changes in the lineup. Elevating qualified individuals to higher points on the ladder, removing some rungs altogether...it's a fact of modern business that these measures take place. Temasys is no different here, and has recently announced a few changes of its own ahead of the upcoming Real Time Web Solutions event.

With the changes, Temasys now has a new chairman of the board along with a new member of said board, a measure that will at last report afford Temasys a greater connection to Silicon Valley. CEO Bent Rye was placed in the chairman slot, while Kinetic Technologies' current chairman, Jan Nilsson, was added to Temasys' board of directors.

Rye previously spent nearly 20 years as part of Cisco's operations, working at leadership levels in both the local and global market, and handling issues in both the European operations as well as the company's Silicon Valley headquarters. Meanwhile, Nilsson is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley as well, working with start-up businesses and engaging in growth and scaling activities. One of his biggest accomplishments was as a founding member of Analogic Technologies, a company that went from its start to a NASDAQ listing, where the company was valued at over $500 million. After that, Nilsson went to Kinetic Technologies, currently experiencing its own growth phase.

These changes come at a good time for the company, as it will have its own booth at the Real Time Web Solutions Show. Running August 1 - 4 at the New York University (NYU) Kimmel Center building in New York, Temasys will be in Booth # 17, giving attendees the opportunity to see what it's doing in the Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) field and beyond.

Indeed, it's not just about the company's roster moves, but more about what the company does with these moves. The things we'll see at the Real Time Web Solutions Show represent the things that Temasys is working on, and will need the best in personnel to help move these things to market, and succeed in said market upon arrival. It's good to get a look at what these products are, and how such might impact the market; Temasys is already well-known in the field for things like its Skylink real time communications platform—available to try for free on its website—and seeing how it's not only refined the current offerings, but what it plans to bring out as well, should be exciting.

Backed up by some big names in Silicon Valley, Temasys should be able to move forward and achieve some thoroughly impressive results. It will take some time to see those bear fruit, but at the upcoming event, we should get a full look at what Temasys has planned for the short term.

Edited by Alicia Young
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