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August 02, 2016

Blacc Spot Media Joins Roster of Sponsors, Speakers at Real Time Web Solutions Show

Currently taking place out in New York is the Real Time Web Solutions 2016 show, an event which brings together developers and other interested parties in the growing field of real time Web solutions like Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). Recently, word emerged about a sponsor of the event who would also be a speaker: Atlanta's own Blacc Spot Media.

Development company Blacc Spot Media will not only serve as a Gold sponsor of the event, but has also dispatched founder and CEO Lantre Barr to lead a pair of discussions at the event. The first focuses on one vital question for developers: “Should You Incorporate Real Time into your App?,” and the second builds on this by offering insight into “Choosing Your Real Time Web Development Path.” Additionally, Blacc Spot Media will be showing off its new line of projects at Booth 11 at the event, joining a host of other firms doing likewise.

While the event formerly focused on WebRTC—it was originally known as the “WebRTC Conference and Expo”—the event's focus has necessarily expanded to cover a variety of different technologies in the real time arena. Blacc Spot Media is itself an exemplar of this point, as the company has recently noted a growing array of clients for its services worldwide.

Barr, meanwhile, commented “We are delighted to be Gold sponsors at this year's Real Time Web Solutions event. Sharing ideas, showcasing best practice and demonstrating expertise is critical to any industry and the same is true for WebRTC. We live in exciting times and in my view we are heading down the path where consumers will soon expect to be able to communicate with family and friends or customer services representatives from within every application that they use. Traditional telephony will fade away to become what we call 'smart communications'. It will be led by companies like Twilio, Nexmo, and Cisco who provide innovative ways to enhance communications. This event gives us a chance to shape that future.”

The true nature of the real time communications market is visible here, and anyone who attends the event at New York's Kimmel Center will get a first-hand look into the future of real time communications. As more and more potential uses for this technology emerge—it's been a part of collaboration tools and a host of others, with even games getting in on the action—we'll see more refinements of previous uses and whole new uses being created as well, generating new markets and new opportunities.

Blacc Spot Media is just one part of a rapidly-growing whole, and the end result will provide amazing new opportunities to come. The whole picture will look a lot clearer when considering the larger market that is real time communications, and the best place to see that larger market is at the Real Time Web Solutions event.

Edited by Alicia Young
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