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August 02, 2016

Ingate's SIP, WebRTC Lineup Now Powers Primo Connect App

Primo Connect has an exciting new plan for those looking for a new force in over-the-top (OTT) voice and messaging services in the form of its semi-eponymous new release, Primo. In releasing the new tool, it's turned to Ingate's line of session initiation protocol (SIP) and Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) tools to help bring the app up to its fullest capability.

With the Ingate tools in place, Primo can offer users a means to stage voice and video calling to a variety of numbers on mobile, landline or even between Primo users. The costs for such services are understandably low, thanks to the use of Web access as its primary backbone. The app itself, available for Android and iOS—though reports note that a version on Amazon for Kindle is forthcoming—allows not only voice and video, but also messaging options, Short Message Service (SMS) systems and even file sharing options to allow a more complete collaboration function.

More specifically, Primo is turning to the Ingate WebRTC & SIP Companion, which includes such tools as the well-known Ingate SIParator session border controller (SBC). It's recently had a bit of an upgrade take place, reports note, allowing it to handle not only tens of thousands of calls, but also hundreds of thousands of users. With an included WebRTC-SIP gateway, along with registrar systems for both name and direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, the Companion offers a substantial slate of tools for anyone looking to augment a communications platform.

Primo Connect co-founder and chief product officer Chris Furlong commented, “We have built a strong SIP-based network across 200 international destinations. With the Ingate WebRTC & SIP Companion at its core, Primo Connect can tap into this existing SIP-based network positioning the service for significant growth.”

Those who want a better look at Ingate's product line, as well as at Primo, can check out the duo at the Real Time Web Solutions Conference at New York's Kimmel Center through Thursday of this week. The pair will be at Booth 26, joining a substantial number of firms showing off the very latest in real time communication developments.

It's the latest development in a long string of same in the field of real time communications, and though Primo will have no shortage of competitors in the field—and competitors that have had time to establish a market—there's still room for a company that can do the job right. Since Primo is drawing from Ingate's catalog for infrastructure, it's a safe bet that Primo can do the job and then some, making it a worthwhile addition to the larger market and making a clear value proposition.

That should allow it to compete pretty effectively, and potentially pull some users away from current options. Primo may have an uphill battle, but it's got the right engine behind it for the best shot at reaching the top.

Edited by Alicia Young
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