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January 31, 2017

Avaya Snapp Store Could Add WebRTC Influx

While the recent word out about Avaya hasn't exactly been good news, there was a note of much more positive development coming out around the Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) and other systems developer. The newest reports suggest that Avaya may be mounting its comeback on the strength of several new developments, including its Avaya Snapp Store.

The newest reports say that the Avaya Snapp Store is increasingly a destination for third party app developers, including Zang. Not even a year old yet, the Avaya Snapp Store offers almost 100 Snap-ins—modular chunks of code that can add new functionality—including several from Zang. Avaya's Snap-ins are geared mainly toward the Avaya Breeze platform, and with these tools , users can readily add these new options. In many cases, the Snap-ins are available at no charge.

Zang is the big leader here, offering up several key points to work with the Zang Cloud Communications Platform. Zang Cloud Carrier Services provides ready access to useful information about a call in progress, like if that caller is on a cellular network—which may be a huge point if WebRTC is involved—or what carrier is handling the call.

The Zang SMS Connector, meanwhile, allows for better and easier use of short messaging service (SMS) messaging, including such things as sending multi-part messages to one phone number.  It's not just Zang that's bringing these tools into place; Hndlbar's CRM Contact system, for example, allows for an easy bridge between Salesforce's customer relationship management (CRM) system and Avaya Voice, Email and SMS channels to make making contact with customers that much easier.

Another client involves an easy way to bring several common Avaya Breeze Snap-ins—from co-browsing to WebRTC—into play, and that means an array of new options for developers.

Avaya's vice president, Yogen Patel, commented, “Avaya Breeze with the Avaya Snap-ins is one of the easiest and fastest ways for customers to implement the capabilities needed to transform workflows, improve the customer experience and drive better, digital business. Interest from both customers and developer partners is extremely positive, and now we're cross-pollinating with Zang Snap-ins to provide even greater flexibility to customers using the Avaya Breeze Platform."

So the good news in all this is that, despite Avaya's Chapter 11 filings, the company seems to have a robust and growing ecosystem of products ready to go. Even on the off chance the company actually needed to close outright—not likely, but not unheard of either—in the wake of this, it would likely be an attractive purchase target for someone else.

Avaya's developments in WebRTC and other communications systems have added a lot of value to the market, and we'll likely continue to see such developments for some time to come.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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