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February 28, 2017

AudioCodes' WebRTC Now Part of Radisys Lineup

Is there any greater word in the technology market than “interoperability”? It implies a good fit, a happy working relationship and a greater potential value for the user. Recently, AudioCodes and Radisys completed some interoperability testing of their own, and found that AudioCodes' Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) systems would work well with Radisys' own line.

More specifically, AudioCodes' Mediant line of session border controllers (SBCs), which work with WebRTC, is now interoperable with Radisys' MediaEngine transcoding portfolio, which uses the cloud to accelerate its activities and deliver more value. The resulting combined solution, reports note, gives those firms with a need for more video transcoding—like service providers and certain major enterprise groups—not only access to the best in voice and video transcoding operations, but it also enables them to engage in communications while such operations are in progress. The new service is now currently available, so those who want to get in can do so now.

AudioCodes vice president of product Yehuda Herscovici commented, “AudioCodes helps its customers deploy Skype for Business, Contact Center and other unified communications services by delivering IP communications platforms to support interworking among VoIP, WebRTC as well as TDM communication silos. We wanted to support our customers’ growing demands for video services and Radisys’ industry-leading MediaEngine TRF complements AudioCodes’ Mediant SBCs to address the high-performance WebRTC video transcoding requirements.”

Any time a system can be improved, even by something as simple as adding a clock function to it, it's seldom a bad idea to at least consider the option. It might not seem like much to add a communications function, but for those who are engaged in video transcoding, sometimes it's worthwhile to be able to quickly reach a colleague to ask questions or otherwise collaborate.  It's even better when these capabilities can be added quickly and for minimal cost, a point that's commonly welcome in any enterprise; the connection between AudioCodes and Radisys should allow these new communications tools to be rapidly added, while at the same time making sure any previous investment in voice SBC systems isn't gone to waste.

Radisys and AudioCodes' new interoperability may not be welcome to every customer, but there will likely be a certain number of users who will be glad for the new capability.  The added value, along with minimal cost to add the system, should make for a worthwhile new addition to many portfolios out there.

Edited by Alicia Young
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