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March 06, 2017

Flashphoner Brings WebRTC to YouTube Live

The growth of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) over the last few years has been downright explosive, so much so that we're seeing this new communications tool crop up in some very unexpected places. One of the latest such advances on this front comes from Flashphoner, which recently released an update to its Web Call Server program that allows users to put WebRTC to use in live streaming video.

With the new functions in place, users can turn to an ordinary webcam hooked to a Web browser and send out live streaming video over a variety of services, ranging from YouTube Live to Facebook Live and Periscope.  Since YouTube Live currently permits desktop software to be used in creating such broadcasts, it's a safe bet that a lot of Web Call Server users will be sending the live video created to that service.

Additionally, with Flashphoner's Web Call Server involved, the actual process of sending that video becomes much easier. Users no longer need third-party software—beyond Web Call Server, that is—or additional plugins for the browser to use to both make and release the online broadcasts. It's designed as an alternative to standard desktop broadcast applications, a way to use the WebRTC technologies built into many current browsers to bring live video to these services.

Flashphoner's product manager Alexey Trunov commented, “Normally, you can’t just take a video stream from an arbitrary webpage and send it to the video service; there are technical limitations preventing that. On the other hand, our server-side solution accepts the video stream from the HTML5 page and sends it to YouTube Live. The developer of this page only needs basic knowledge of JavaScript to set up such broadcasting.”

With a growing number of users eschewing traditional television for online video, and YouTube being a major part of this, it's worth considering a presence there for anyone who already hasn't considered one or doesn't have one in place already. The use of live video on such sites can be an excellent way to build a following, which in turn makes for a terrific base to advertise to by using a kind of in-house influencer marketing strategy. Flashphoner has taken the process and simplified it, allowing users to put the power of WebRTC to use in making and streaming live video, which isn't just good for promotion, but can also be useful for disseminating information and developing a reputation as an expert in the field, which can influence future sales as well.

Regardless of what the use is, Flashphoner's Web Call Server's latest update will allow users to put WebRTC more readily to use and reap the benefits accordingly.

Edited by Alicia Young
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