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May 08, 2017

SwitchRTC Launches Partnership Program in WebRTC Development

Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is a program still growing and developing even today. Though we've come quite a way from the earliest days of this technology, we're still seeing quite a bit of room for new development, even as we're approaching the point where we can call it a mature market. Recently, SwitchRTC demonstrated as much by launching its new SwitchRTC Technology Circle program, a technology partnership that brings support services to those developing WebRTC systems.

Those who get in on the SwitchRTC Technology Circle tend to be development companies in the Web and WebRTC fields, working mainly on either system integrator tools or WebRTC applications, be these front-end or back-end systems. This makes these developers particularly suited for the points that the SwitchRTC Technology Circle can offer, including access to not only SwitchRTC itself, but also to the array of support services that come with SwitchRTC.

When getting in on SwitchRTC's program, users will learn not only how to install it in current systems, but also how to put its various applications programming interfaces (APIs) to work, along with how to actually use SwitchRTC to build WebRTC applications from the ground up. Plus, there are further benefits, including the chance to be on SwitchRTC's referral list when SwitchRTC customers need specific projects developed, as well as the ability to use SwitchRTC for customer projects. SwitchRTC will also include partners' logos on the SwitchRTC website, and will mention the companies in various marketing efforts.

Several companies have already joined in, including Quobis, Oxagile and Blacc Spot Media. The program is open to others from there, and SwitchRTC's co-founder and CEO Amir Zmora noted, “We welcome our partners to the SwitchRTC Technology Circle. Having well-known WebRTC technology partners with expertise in WebRTC, web and VoIP technologies gives our customers the flexibility to choose the best development partner for their application needs. We invite more companies to enroll to the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program.”

There's a lot of value here for companies that get in on the SwitchRTC action; not only is there value in terms of development options and support for these developments, there's also a marketing aspect here. That referral program may never actually net a company new business, but it's effectively one more channel in which to operate. It doesn't require much to maintain such a channel, and a channel that can operate with minimal input is a channel that has huge potential to be profitable.

A proposition like that will likely be welcome for businesses out there, and plenty of WebRTC developers may want a shot at this going forward.

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Edited by Alicia Young
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