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June 09, 2017

WebRTC Whitepaper Looks At Healthcare Value

One of the great things about Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) so far has been its incredible versatility. It's been able to do so many different things without incident, from connecting businesses to consumers to allowing different segments of business to communicate that several market verticals have been looking into this technology. A new whitepaper from WebRTC Ventures took a closer look at WebRTC's impact in one market: healthcare.

What it found probably won't surprise those who have been following WebRTC in general for some time. Turns out that WebRTC can be an extremely useful part of both the healthcare and the telehealth markets in general. It's not only because of its functionality, which is substantial enough for most any field of endeavor, but it's also because of its security.

WebRTC allows for easy connectivity, and even use as a file transfer mechanism, a concept that will provide a lot of value to a great many users. Since it was built around HTML5, however, it also adds a layer of security to the operation that allows it to step in as a HIPAA-compliant operation. No healthcare provider really wants to be less than fully compliant with HIPAA; the consequences for failure are substantial.

With the WebRTC Ventures study, healthcare decision makers will be able to get a closer look at WebRTC, and what value it can serve in the wider market. WebRTC Ventures' CEO, Arin Sime, noted, “While there is plenty of information out there on telehealth in general, there is a lack of resources available on telehealth and WebRTC video technology. This technology is crucial for healthcare decision-makers to understand as they explore HIPAA-compliant telehealth apps.”

Telehealth in general has a great potential to succeed with WebRTC, as telehealth by definition must have a readily-accessible way to connect users with central facilities via a high-speed Internet connection. It must be able to handle voice and video traffic, as well as data for things like pictures, charts and similar data. That makes WebRTC—which is increasingly available as a part of Web browsers—a perfect fit for the demands of telehealth operations. Throw in the security aspect—vital under the terms of HIPAA—and the end result is nothing less than an excellent fit.

A service that fits so well into current operations is hard to pass up, and for most considering adding telehealth to the roster—or just expanding its role—adding WebRTC will be a worthwhile part of the process. Just ask WebRTC Ventures, who will show you a whole pile of data collected on the subject with its new whitepaper.

Edited by Alicia Young
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