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February 26, 2014

No Need to joyn WebRTC

Acision is demonstrating its Fuze WebRTC solution with Crocodile RCS this week at Mobile World Congress. What is most interesting, however, is how it is talking about it on its website.

For those who are just turning in, joyn is a service concept that was promoted by the GSMA a few years back as a way for carriers to compete with over-the-top (OTT) solutions.  More compelling at that time (and also, perhaps, today) was the fact that joyn was an association solution, which meant that it could join internationally across carriers (as far as I know, though, MetroPCS was the only association member that marketed joyn). At its heart, joyn is a Rich Communication Services (RCS) solution, a fact that is mentioned in Acision’s description for its Fuze WebRTC client, which is offered as a white label service for carriers or enterprises. And while that description is silent on what codecs Acision supports with WebRTC, the product’s RCS interface indicates carrier-friendly strategies that include support for MMS/SMS as an alternative/fail-over for OTT.

I did a webinar yesterday for M2M with Multi-Tech Systems and Kore on transitioning from 2G to 3G or LTE, and it was clear that AT&T’s redistribution of its 2G spectrum is going to impact quite a few implementations.

As usual, on the voice side of mobile, there are some diverse strategies. VoLTE is being implemented by the U.S. carriers on the network side, with OTT services almost nonexistent from the carriers even for their own Web app services. And as for mobile video, the carriers cannot be seen. Combine this with the lack of buzz for joyn and you begin to see a problem they are afraid to re-address.

The Acision Fuze solution strikes me as something useful for the carriers to start exploring.  And while one day joyn 2.0 might happen, it would be better if the carriers were first aware of exactly what is possible, and for that they are going to need a bit of help.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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