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April 16, 2014

Video, All the Time

While we all focus on how WebRTC can transform communications, it is also interesting to think about how other technology innovations could be integrated with WebRTC to create completely new services and capabilities.

NewViewWear recently announced the world’s first wearable camera apparel: clothing that comes with pockets for a provided small HD video camera.  The product features included apparel (three different styles – polo, hoodie and fleece) with a removable 10-millimeter HD camera to capture life on the go.  The camera has wireless connectivity and the ability to integrate with apps.

The thought of how this type of technology could combine with WebRTC is very interesting. The camera output could be sent based on an app and the location, context and other factors. Using WebRTC, the device could integrate into social or other applications so your friends (or boss) could see what you are doing. The consumer and professional applications could be very interesting.  As are the privacy questions.

For example, I could argue that a small, wearable video camera is much better than taking notes in class, but the stream is now potentially broadcastable, meaning anyone I want to, or who is connected to me, may be able to see it. I could go to an event and everyone I know could get the experience.  As with Google Glass, this level of continuous video raises all sorts of interesting questions, but I am sure we can create incredible capabilities with WebRCT and these emerging technologies.

NewViewWear is available on the company’s website and will ship to first backers for $189, which includes the apparel, camera, accessories and USB cable.  I expect to see some hoodies in Atlanta in June.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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