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November 21, 2013

Temasys, Allberta.com Integrate Skyway RTC into Canada's Energy Sector Ecosystem

 One of the biggest challenges companies in the energy sector face is connecting from remote locations. They tend to have locations scattered in areas that are badly served in terms of connectivity. Temasys Communications, a provider of WebRTC and communications solutions, sets out to give these areas connectivity.

The Temasys Skyway RTC platform will be integrated in the energy sector ecosystem in Canada in partnership with technology services company Allberta Group.

The WebRTC Skyway system enables visual communications on top of a comprehensive WebRTC infrastructure, so Temasys can deliver global WebRTC experiences and interoperate with a wide range of devices.

Allberta.com Founder and Director of Integration, Shawn Kalin, said in a statement, “The demands in Canada, and particularly in the more remote regions, are significant. We have to deal with a wide variety of communications networks, many of which are challenging; Satellite, 3G and edge networks are cases in point. Temasys’s solution far out-performed other WebRTC vendors and we are pleased to be introducing the Temasys portfolio across Canada.”

I caught up with Temasys CEO Bill Lewis this week at the WebRTC Conference & Expo, who explained that Allberta.com will be using the Skyway system in three main ways:

As a premium offer in the remote areas of oil and resource operations

As an enterprise offering to a wide range of companies operating in Alberta

To expand Temasys’ presence in Canada

“We go where other people can’t,” Lewis told me. “Because of our technology, we can reach with WebRTC places that other vendors do not seem to be able to reach.”

Connecting remote locations in Canada is only part of the Temasys global initiative to enable real-time communications. In the Atlanta WebRTC Conference & Expo event, the company demonstrated its ability to connect in Nairobi and took the audience on a “global trip” of connectivity.

Lewis said, “Our partnership with Allberta.com is the result of the large investment we have made in reducing bandwidth demands yet retaining high quality video and audio. Communications in remote regions is a challenge and our solutions delivered over 3G, 4G and satellite have beaten all competition for quality and reliability. Through our agreement, we will be delivering WebRTC services by January 2014 as far North as the Arctic Circle. It is anticipated that through this agreement, Temasys will be serving the largest premium, paid WebRTC client base in Canada in the short and long-term.”

Attendees of the WebRTC Conference & Expo got to see that connection to the Arctic Circle in action on Wednesday night as Temasys showcased that functionality in its demo. Learn more at www.temasys.com.sg  



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