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July 08, 2013

Solaborate Says WebRTC Will Affect the Future of Communication

Solaborate is a technology social networking and collaboration platform designed for professionals and companies to connect, discover and collaborate. It enables the technology ecosystem to solve business problems and generate leads and opportunities by providing the right tools and services to collaborate in real-time.

Recently, it received the “Best in Show” award at the WebRTC Conference and Expo hosted by TMC in Atlanta, Ga., where we were lucky to catch up with Labinot Bytyqi, the founder and CEO of Solaborate, to talk about his thoughts on the event and the future of WebRTC.

“We were very excited at the show to have the opportunity to demonstrate to others what we have done in implementing WebRTC on our platform,” said Bytyqi. “We were also very eager to learn what others have done with WebRTC. The award win was definitely a great addition to our excitement, as we were pleased that our team's hard work was being appreciated by others.”

Bytyqi believes that WebRTC is crucial to the industry because it can fundamentally change the way we communicate with each other and has the potential to turn the telecommunications industry upside down. What makes WebRTC such a game changer is that it is enabled on Web browsers, which remains the dominant way in which people consume Internet content and services.

“Video conferencing has changed the industry by allowing professionals in the workplace to continue connecting with each other on a more personal level and to continue being productive while on the road,” says Bytyqi. “It has facilitated the creation of virtual co-presence, which overcomes the difficulties of professionals being in different physical locations. It is precisely the reason why such a social collaborative platform like ours is needed for professionals. There is a definite need for a central place where technology professionals are provided with all the necessary tools and services to continue being productive.”

In terms of its own video platform, Solaborate stands out from other similar products because it allows users to take advantage of our video calling features straight from the browser, without downloads or plug-ins. Additionally, it has also added useful features that set us apart from others, like key the ability of users to share their screen, while also conducting a video call.

Users can continue instant messaging and sharing photos and rich media files without any disruptions straight from their browser. The solution enables technology companies to support and demonstrate their products or services better by creating a richer and more personalized customer experience.

“Solaborate has fully embraced the use of WebRTC to provide real-time communication and collaboration capabilities to its users,” Bytyqi adds. “Solaborate's usage of WebRTC enables technology professionals and companies to engage and collaborate with each other like never before. All of these features are provided to our users at absolutely no cost to them.”

As for the future of WebRTC, Bytyqi believes that support will be expanded to more browsers and it will begin to be embraced by many other platforms, just like Solaborate did, and will continue to play a major role in the way people communicate with each other.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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