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August 06, 2013

Going Beyond the Call with PubNub

The WebRTC Conference and Expo in Atlanta last month saw enterprises, service providers, Web application providers, investors and developers gather together to discuss the impact and future of WebRTC on the way businesses and individuals communicate. One participant, PubNub, went above and beyond this year, demoing its PubNub real-time communications network.

Fittingly, the company came away with the “Beyond the Call Award,” out of a group of more than 35 companies that presented their WebRTC solutions to a live audience. At the conference, PubNub’s CEO Todd Green and developer Dan Ristic delivered a 10-minute presentation demonstrating the capabilities of the newly released PubNub WebRTC SDK.

PubNub demonstrated how WebRTC can be utilized to enhance collaboration apps. For example, Green walked the audience through the creation of a full file sharing application using PubNub completely on the client side in conjunction with a peer-to-peer WebRTC connection – all without any server side code. Also, Green showed how easily multiuser apps can switch between WebRTC Data Channel and PubNub’s Broadcast service using just a single line of code.

PubNub is a set of cloud services that companies can use to build such real-time applications. For instance, PubNub Galaxy is a multicast service, with which you can publish data into the cloud, have any number of devices subscribe to that channel, and have that data received on the other side in a quarter of a second. This is useful for multiplayer games, business collaboration apps, call signaling and a variety of other use cases. PubNub Pulse, meanwhile, allows you to quickly send a single message for individual devices for signaling, social, chat or other purposes, and PubNub Presence tells you exactly when someone connects or disconnects to a particular topic or a channel across millions and millions of users. PubNub offers a host of other services that take full advantage of the steaming connection offered by WebRTC.

“Today, PubNub demonstrated the speed and power of building serverless collaborative apps with PubNub and WebRTC,” said Todd Greene, CEO and co­founder at PubNub, in a statement. “The huge interest we’ve received at this year’s WebRTC conference validates PubNub in yet another huge market vertical.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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