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August 21, 2013

WebRTC's Untapped Potential and its Effect on the Data Channel

If you haven’t heard of Solaborate, you may want to get yourself acquainted. After all, this is the company that won “Best in Show” at the recent WebRTC Conference and Expo, thanks to its social networking and collaboration platform aimed at professionals and companies.

Recently, Solaborate founder Labinot Bytyqi shared his views on WebRTC, particularly how he thinks the technology “has the potential to turn the telecommunications industry upside down.”

“What makes WebRTC such a game changer is that it is enabled on Web browsers, which remains the dominant way in which people consume Internet content and services,” he added.

Indeed, WebRTC has already brought a lot of innovation to communications. For example, a number of companies have released WebRTC gateways — such as GENBAND SPiDR — allowing network operators to blur the lines between traditional communications and IP. The fact that WebRTC is now becoming available on mobile browsers, most notably Chrome for Android, means that different forms of communications will soon become more accessible than ever.

Aside from communications, WebRTC’s media focus means it will have a significant effect on the video space as well. Meanwhile, according to a recent post on Empirix’s “Empirically Speaking” blog, WebRTC will also have an impact on “easing issues associated with heavy use of the data channel.”

For example, the WebRTC data channel could provide connectivity between participants in a collaborative session using a peer-to-peer connection. Or, it could be used in a one-on-one session to control a medical device over the data channel, while transmitting information to the doctor on the other side of the connection. With WebRTC’s multimedia leanings, it could even be used to speed up multiplayer gaming functions, while reducing the amount of resources used to store data.

These are just some of the game-changing possibilities yet to be tapped into by developers and, as new innovations are made, even more possibilities will come to light.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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