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November 20, 2013

Temasys Merges WebRTC and Dating with Avalable Partnership

The name of the game right now is mobile, and this is especially true in the WebRTC space. Temasys Communications, a developer and provider of WebRTC and visual communications solutions, understands this, and recently announced a partnership with social networking and dating app Avalable to embed the Temasys Skyway RTC visual communication client in the next version of the Avalable mobile social platform. 

The WebRTC Skyway system is a client devoted to visual communications on top of a comprehensive WebRTC infrastructure. It is a worldwide network of access and initiation servers that recognizes geolocalized clients and relay servers at strategic global locations. These servers join a wide inventory of signaling (GAE, Web Sockets, and SIP), Web, SIP gateway and IP-PBX servers to ensure that Temasys can deliver global WebRTC experiences and interoperate with a wide range of other devices.

With the partnership, users can extend interaction to real-time visual communication from any mobile device using the Avalable app. Avalable is on its way to serving more than a million users, and is working on translating to 16 languages. Next year, it hopes to reach 10 million customers, which means that’s potentially 10 million video users for Temasys to power.

Bill Lewis, Temasys CEO, focuses on the reach of its WebRTC solution. “Success is about scale,” he said, and Avalable is only a fraction of the upcoming Temasys user base; Temasys’s current contracts and strong pipeline presently includes potential access to about 100 million users.  He explains what sets Temasys apart, especially as more companies begin to join in on WebRTC and the space becomes more crowded, is the solution’s network efficiency, its stability and its versatility in terms of user interface. Temasys powers WebRTC in locations all over the world, as demonstrated at the Atlanta WebRTC Expo earlier this year.

Lewis said in a statement, “Our partnership with Avalable is part of our dedicated Social Real Time Communications (SocialRTC) initiative and we plan to transform how visual communications is used in social media – it is a tremendous opportunity for both companies and a great experience for Avalable users.” Targeted social media site Avalable is on track to become a global phenomenon after successful trials in Asia and, as a result, the Temasys platform will service millions of Avalable clients worldwide. The highly scalable Temasys’s Skyway WebRTC infrastructure, in addition to providing visual conversations, will also enable the streaming of targeted advertising into the visual experience.”

While Temasys is working with Avalable on iOS and Android mobile devices, it believes in delivering a seamless cross-platform experience. Lewis envisions a world where you can video conference from your desktop, hop in the car and continue that conversation on your mobile device, then get home and pick up on the session from your TV. “It’s just like walking in to the same virtual room through different doors,” he said.

Speaking on the upcoming deployment, Niki Assavathorn, Solutions Singles CEO and founder of Avalable says, “Temasys offers a perfect solution to complement our targeted social networks; their solution will help us to further improve the user experience on the Avalable platform.”

Bill Lewis will be speaking in a panel session at this week’s WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA, at the “Business Impact and Directions Roundtable,” and Alex Gouaillard, CTO, will be speaking in a session panel, “Using the Data Channel for More than File Sharing.” The company is a Diamond sponsor of the event and will be exhibiting at booth #308.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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