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December 24, 2013

OnePgr Simplifies Collaboration, Data Collection

Complexity and information overload -- we all are familiar with them, and we all deal with those twin challenges of modern business life in our own way. No matter how we handle them, however, OnePgr thinks it can help.

Its solution is a converged content sharing and communications platform that enabled individuals, teams and corporations to pull together information from a variety of places and collaborate all from a single Web page.

Users can leverage the platform to easily collaborate in an environment that converges audio calling, video conferencing, chat, SMS, document sharing and desktop sharing.

Key to keeping it simple is WebRTC, the emerging standard that lets video take place from any modern browser without plugins, Flash or proprietary software.

“One of the founding tenets of our company is zero install, zero touch software, and so WebRTC is extremely critical to our success here,” noted Rajiv Saxena, founder & CEO of OnePgr, during a demo in November at the 2013 WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif.

One of the distinguishing features of the platform is the idea of page presence. It is not about being available generally, it is being focused on collaborating only with the page the user currently is focused on.

“The basic premise is that once you are on the page, you don’t have to worry about anything—the page does everything for you,” explained Saxena.

He added: “A lot of the time you’re online, but you may not want to collaborate with people on a certain topic because you’re too busy collaborating on some other topic. So the idea behind page presence is that if you’re on the page, you’re probably interested in chatting on the topic of the page. Hence the distinction between just online presence and page presence.”

This model brings “hallway conversations” to the Web age, and leads to quick, spontaneous conversations and easy collaboration where pulling together info for a project no longer is about integrating information sources from several locations. Since everything from invitations to collaborate to sharing and calling can be done from the same page, all data is easy to capture and work with from the page.

The OnePgr platform integrates with existing tools, allowing users to import documents from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Skydrive, as well as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail address books.

Complexity and a flood of information aren’t going away, but how we handle them can change. And that’s the value proposition of OnePgr; it helps users simply tie together this stream of data easily.

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