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December 24, 2013

IOCOM Visimeet Video Conferencing Software Offers Integration into Third-party Applications

Increasingly, there are applications that require high-quality, interactive video capabilities. In response, IOCOM, a provider of video conferencing software, is offering integration with its Visimeet video conferencing software into third-party applications. Visimeet can be integrated with solutions from application providers, service providers and communications platforms, and can be used through WebRTC and various operating systems.

Visimeet lets participants conduct meetings as if they were all in the same room and can connect multiple videos and appropriately adjusts video sizes.

Overall, communications could see a major change because of WebRTC development. WebRTC, an application programming interface (API) being drawn up by the World Wide Web Consortium, enables Web browsers with real-time communications capabilities via JavaScript APIs. The Visimeet platform will be able integrate with APIs, too.

Also, the Visimeet solution lets a company incorporate a feature or function of Visimeet into a product and it then becomes the company’s own solution – such as through a white label product or complete integration. It applies to audio, data, presence service or video. Visimeet can be integrated into applications, devices or Web services, as well. Software can be operated on such operating systems as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS as well as a browser using WebRTC. Options include chat, instant messaging, legacy H.323/SIP videoconferencing, record and playback and standard phone calling, the company said.

"The Visimeet architecture is recognized by leading industry analysts as the most flexible and configurable solution that delivers high-performance video and we've been seeing demand by companies looking to take advantage of these capabilities,” Tim Hackett, CEO of IOCOM, said in a statement. “This new offering can meet just about any business or technical requirement and we can now make this available to those who can use it. We want Iocom to be the underlying solution that powers the growing number of applications that need high quality, interactive video capabilities."

IOCOM focuses a variety of industries, including distribution, education, energy, financial services, government offices, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, transportation and utilities.

"There is a definite need for a solution that offers easy integration of a powerful and reliable solution but also has a company that is easy to work with,” Dan Marchetto, vice president of Business Development at IOCOM, said. “IOCOM not only has great technology, but also offers the most flexible commercial options in the industry. We look at this as a partnership where the success of the application is the key element. To that end, we share in the risk with our partners and everything we can to make the solution the best it can be."

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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